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A Date With Singaporean Food


To the east he turned and then to the right. North and South followed too but it all went in vain. There was no trace of happiness in any direction. Weariness was visible all over but he still displayed determination. He turned pages of every ancient scripture, met great sages in deep penance in inaccessible caves and studied everything that science could teach him right from the Higgs Boson to the theories about the formation of the universe. However, he still failed in his attempt to discover the secret to stay happy.

Disheartened, he languidly sank into his bed and went into a deep slumber. The process of enlightenment began shortly. He dreamt of food from various corners of the world. He could smell the aroma of food and even perceive its taste. Alas, the dream was interrupted and the gastronomical delights in front of him disappeared. But fear not! The secret of happiness has been discovered. Food!

Sounds like an exaggerated story? Yes, it does and I do accept having gone over the limit to convey my point. But the fact remains a fact.
Many eat to live. Some live to eat. The two groups aren't radically different except that the latter can find joy in small things and are never seen drowned in a sea of sorrow.
I hope you got the point. Indulging oneself in food is an art that isn't possessed by everyone. Often, such people are the ones who take life as a game of fun and so, are always seen with smiling faces. If you are the one who is averse to indulging in gluttony, then it's time for you to rethink. Your indulgence might make you a better and a happier person.

Enough of the introduction! Let's talk about something specific related to food. Pizzas? Burgers? Coke? They are all too common. Thousands of stories have already weaved around them. For a change, let's explore the land of Singapore for lip smacking dishes.

Singapore is a land of gastronomical delights - the land that has witnessed the fusion of Malay, Indonesian, Indian and Peranakan cultures. Each of these cultures has uniqueness and variety in food and palates. And when they were all mixed, what was obtained was a delectable cocktail of food, which we fondly call Singaporean cuisine.

Before looking at some lip smacking dishes from Singapore, here are a couple of trivia sure to make you even more interested in Singaporean cuisine.
Singaporean literature declares eating as a national pastime.

A food lover with a book in one hand and an array of snacks to munch on in the other hand - a beautiful spectacle indeed!

There are two main things that Singapore Tourism Board promotes as major attraction to tourists - shopping and Singaporean cuisine.

Is there a better way to wrap up a day full of shopping with something better than tasty Singaporean dinner?

Enough of trivia. Now, let me give you a taste of Singaporean cuisine.

Early in the morning, waking up even before the first ray of sun strikes the Earth can be a daunting task. Do you wish to make your day started on a not so good note, a bit better? If yes, then Singaporean breakfast is what you need.

If you are me, who can enjoy even simplicity, then the Kaya toast is for you. It is a traditional breakfast dish. Kaya toast is made of kaya (coconut jam) with a topping of sugar, coconut milk and eggs, pandan, and sometimes margarine or butter. Mouth watering, right? Well, that's a typical Singaporean breakfast.

What if you need a little variety and a little creativity? Fear not. You have a lot of choice.

Putu mayam - vermicelli-like cakes made of rice flour and coconut milk, eaten with coconut sugar.

Chwee kueh -  Steamed rice cake topped with preserved radish

And what if you want something more familiar than Kaya toast? Well, there is paratha for you. You are hearing it right. Paratha is as famous in Singapore as it is in India. You can go for the normal ones or try one of the following interesting variations.


The breakfast keeps you energetic till lunch when your stomach once again starts growling for food. Let's start feasting. Pictures speak stronger than words and here is what you can have for lunch in Singapore.



Few more hours of slogging at office and you will be back at home? Want to make your life a bit easier? Then, sure you need to takeaway food for dinner. And this is what a typical Singaporean takeaway for dinner looks like.

Radically different from the Indian counterpart! Isn't it?

The land of gastronomical delights is calling you. Make no more delay. Pack your bags and start your journey right now!
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