I had wondered for long if I should start this blog with a welcome post or if I should simply start off with some regular tutorials and blog posts. Initially, I thought that I will go with the latter but now, I had changed my mind. Or rather, I should say that I have been forced to change my mind. For some reason known only to me, I wanted to launch this blog on 9th at 09:09 with 9 initial posts and that day is tomorrow itself. Seven of the posts are ready and two more are yet to be written. But at this moment, I feel that it cannot be done. So, in order to move a bit closer to the nine posts target, I am writing this short introductory post for this blog.

As you might have already guessed from the title, ‘Blog Architects’, this is a blog by a blogger for bloggers. This blog will contain mostly tech tutorials on blogging. A variety of topics like Blogger platform, WordPress, SEO, Google analytics, webmaster tools etc. will be covered.

But this blog would be a bit different from the regular blogs that you find. Apart from standalone articles, I will also be posting complete collections of tutorials that would teach you everything that you need to know about specific topics right from the basics.

Some of the future plans for this site are starting a Question and Answers section and providing paid services like template editing, blog installation etc.

This is all for this introductory post!

Happy Blogging!

Ranjith :)