Many of bloggers are required to apply for Adsense once their application from the original default Gmail id has been disapproved by Google Adsense team. This only works if you have been disapproved for lack of content and user navigation related problems. Disapproval for not following Google ToS is a separate issue.

So, many bloggers change the template to be more reader friendly and add good content and apply with a new Gmail id. And as luck would have it your hard work and patience pays off and Google Adsense approves you. But now you have to log in with your new email id every time you have to access Adsense account and also linking to Google Analytics properties becomes a big headache.

Why? Well, because if you go to your dashboard you will notice that the old Gmail id is still being used to identify you so the change over is impossible except for this neat little trick.

Once you have been approved by Google Adsense, go over to the and sign in with your new Gmail id. Once you are into the dashboard go over to the Accounts Settings tab.

adsense settings

Go to Access and Authorization > User Management. Here at the end of the page there is a window for inviting access to other emails, enter your default email id here and press invite. Go to your respective emails and press on the confirmation mails and you are done.

adsense invite users

Now you can log in with the original Gmail id in Adsense and link it easily to Google Analytics Properties.

This a Guest article posted by Vijay Prabhu, of Combo Updates. Do visit his site!